Just a quick painting, about an hour and a half or so. Used a ref for the face but it doesn’t really look anything like her anymore…

the “back” (i.e. furthest away) half of her face is really letting the rest down. good work otherwise.

Good shape and color, but the light logic is odd. The highlights and shadows on the forehead, nose, cheeks and shoulder suggest backlighting, but there’s a very bright reflection coming off something on the shadow side of her torso, casting reflected light underneath her chin. For that reflection to happen, the shadow side of her face would be lit up by the incoming light.

traitor - Thanks. if you mean where the ear should be then yeah, I sort of fudged that part…
Orinoco - you’re right of course, I guess i wasn’t really paying attention to how the light should work when I was doing that. Lighting isn’t my strong point anyways, something I need to work on.

the eyes, eye socket and eyebrows all seem to point upwards on the far side of her face, is what i was meaning. if you cover that half of her face, it looks much better and she has a much cleaner face.

ah, gottcha, I think i see what you mean. Thanks