Here one of my last work with Blender, it’s a work modeling based on the study of a realistic portrait.

I made a report/tutorial for this job, but at moment, legends are only in french.
So if someone can help me to translate text in french -> english, It’ll be a good thing for everyone. :slight_smile:


wow! very realistic! only thing missing is SSS. 4 starts from me:)

Great modeling and texturing work. Only thing I don’t like is the bump map on the lips. It looks too harsh.

I think the lips look fine, SSS would help a lot. A great piece overall. 4 stars

Thx for the comment! ^^
I tested many methods and scripts for the SSS, but with Yafray, only the vertexpaint of blender gave me satisfying results.

Ah, i didnt realize it was a yaf render…

Amazing work… yet… there’s one thing missing to make it 100% realistic… but I can’t quite point my finger at it…
Ah well, terrific job! 5 stars! Let 'em come, those who say Blender’s for kiddies.

very nice. even the pimple looks realistic. like CW said, there’s something missing… can’t figure out what though.

by the way, it seems to me that the head is just a bit too shiny. you might want to lower the spec a bit.

I voted 5 stars, but i agree on the others that there’s something about it that gives it out that it’s a CG, i just don’t know what, maybe some of the more experienced artists would point it out. The clothes are looking very well.
As someone said the bump texture on the lips is a bit weird, but overall it’s well executed.
Also thank you for your tutorial, although it’s in french i can figure out the better part of it.

Thank’s for your opinions. :slight_smile:

For “realistics”, in my tuto, I haven’t mean’s it’s necessarily “photoréalistic”, it’s just for said: “it’s not a toonshade!” just graphical job based on photo references, but maybe it’s not the good word, or maybe I must do better.:smiley:

Arf! I really need a translator!.. :rolleyes:

That’s really cool!

Can’t wait for the English tranlation of the tutorial. I’ll deffinitely have to do it!

5 stars from me.

Great work!!! :eek:

But I think there’s something strange with the eyes. It looks like they are looking several directions.

Beautiful render here. A bit more spec on the nose and forehead area would really help to sell this one a bit more. But that is all I can see that needs some tweaking.


I think the only thing that keeps it from being super-realistic is the detail of bumpmaps and dark shadows where the eyes end. Very nicley done!

Brilliant work, very well done mate. The modelling and texturing is great!

Critics: I find the lips too bumpy, the ears too plastic looking and the hair less dense and too long. In my opinion if this fella would be placed more close the the shadow-recieving wall behind hem, the shadow would be more of a shadow instead of a unrecoldnisable tiny spock.

The tutorial is great and absolutely complete, hope somebody will translate it soon. My french is okay but not good enough to translate this thing correctly.

Take care.

i wish i could read french. :frowning:

Great texturing job !
Very nice work.

PS : Le tutoriel est très bien aussi :slight_smile:

Great! 5 stars from me

Plug that tutorial link into the bablefish translator: (under translate a Web page), pick french to english. It does a pretty good job. I had no trouble understaindng the translation.


Great job !

Any plans on animating it ?

The only really realistic human animations I’ve seen have been from 1) Jason Osipa’s book “Stop Staring” (which includes a completed Maya model (that can be loaded into Maya PLE) and LifeStudio http://www.lifemi.com/ (there’s a demo evaluation version available

If you feed your web page link to babelfish, it does a pretty good job of translating. You might want to just save the page it generates and post it on your site as a rough English translation.