I am currently a High school student working on my art portfolio to attend a few national portfolio days and I decided to create something simple but shows some of my skills as a young 3d artist. This is my first serious attempt at modeling my face in 3d and I’ve used some very helpful tutorials:


Here are some early screenshots from today, I still plan on adding hair, skin etc…
I’ll post renders another time

If anyone has any good links to tutorials for skin and hair that would be nice


hey, nice mesh, looks nice and clean. For hair check this out : http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/wiley-ems/BounceTumbleSplash_Chap4.pdf

for skin check this out: http://www.bendansie.com/HeadTutorial/BD_BlenderHumans.html

You have a very good start here, great proportions and overall a better-than-average depiction of the muscle masses overlaying the skull and just under the skin. But the muscle groups that emerge just adjacent to the nose and that run out & down to the cheeks (I don’t know their formal names) look awfully pinched. Though there’s lots of individual variation, I think they need to be broadened somewhat, as indicated in this paintover (though you may not want to take it this far):

Wouldn’t hurt to pay a little more attention around the corners of the mouth, either, although what you have so far is very close.