made with blender: modeling, sculpt, texture, render.
render engine: blender internal
render time:4 min
cpu i5, 4G ram


This is pro work.

That 4 min render time is making all the cycles fan boiz squirm…

very nice render, details around the eyes are amazing.

Amazing!! and you should give it a try on Cycles :wink:

Very nice! Good one here!

wow!!! very cooool!!! Head and skin awesome.
only the body looks bad.

I agree with dimetrii, the face and hair are perfect, but the body look like a little stretched, it doesnt fit with the face, its like you put a thin face on a strong body.

Awesome. is it will smith? xD

Good job.
You can show the wiring ?

wire, sculpt and a simple render
in the simple render, the body is stronger than final render.


@Beny :yes, but not much like.

It looks like Big Willie to me.

Really good work !
I’m agree with Dimitrii and Leonnn , the body is a bit weird but the head is really good.
Cycles is a good renderer to help artist get is life easier but many great images and films was made before this type of renderer exist.
A good proof of that ! :slight_smile:
Curious what you can did with your model in Cycles to see the difference ( about esthetics and performance ).

thats amazing!! :slight_smile:
no critiques from me

wow that really is amazing work there. keep it up

I think the shirt material is good, the head is beautiful and the details are perfect, but perhaps some modifications to proportions as well as a better background would benefit this.

excellent work! 5 stars from me
would you mind sharing the matcap from your second screenshot?

I love the head 5 stars for that, but I kind of don’t like the body it feels a bit too big for his head. I think if you cropped the body out of the render and maybe tweaked the shading of the hair I would be screaming gallery.

The head part is really good.

He looks like will smith :smiley: