Hello, everybody!
I`m glad to present you my new render.
As usuall it rendered with LuxRender.
It took me abouth month to create.

I really appreciate your replies:)
(I think you will guess who it is easily, though it`s not perfectly identical)

as i have sculpted him just last week, i am very familiar with his face, so i think you also sculpted steve jobs :slight_smile:

Yes, you`re right, doris:)

Great job on Jobs… :smiley:

I appreciate amount of work. And i like apple a lot. But here Steve Jobs is plastic. Why didnt you used Cycles?

GarageFarm.NET - if you need your renders done in time

"Job on Jobs " aha Nice!

^ lol
I like your shader but the hair is not really realistic for some reasons.
Pretty good work overall anyways. :slight_smile:

Its a great sculpt but hair fells like fabric.

Dude, he does not look like Steve Jobs at all, although I figured out that you tried to recreate him, looking at his glasses…