Hi guys!

I am finally closing this work. In the last days I tried to tweak it further, but I think it is time to close this project and go on. I learned something new and this is the important thing.

Finally I decided to use the exterior lighting as it is the one I liked more. Maybe in the future I will come back on the interior lighting for personal learning.

Here is the render… hope you like it!



A lot!!

Bravo Bernardo, nothing else to say!



Really awesome ,good work :smiley: !

Excellent! All really good but the hair is some of the best I’ve seen done in Blender.

Amazing good sir.

Awesome! I agree with Matt, great work on the hair. I think you nailed the pore detail as well.

that hair, there are some great humans here in the forums, but the hair was always the “worst” part, cant say that on this one

Well… What can I say about this piece of art but just a question: is it real?

Thank you guys! I am overwhelmed! I am really happy you like the work! :slight_smile:

The hair instantly impresses me, Bernardo! The way it seems to interact with the light, and the characteristics of the highlights, look very organic and real to me. Also, the randomness, styled but not too styled, very good. The modeling of the face, the expression, the feel of the eyes, all very good as well!

Have you used any chromatic aberration in this image? Looking at some of the edges, I feel like there might be, but it may just be my imagination. If you have applied it, it is obviously just the right amount!

Thanks James!

It is not your imagination, there is some chromatic aberration, but it is very subtle.

very good portrait, also like the render. and the hair is superb :slight_smile: very inspirational work, thanks for sharing.

A masterpiece indeed, this flat out is the best hair and skin setup I’ve yet to see. Not sure who the subject is, but you did a super job on this… can we twist your arm to tell us a little more about your setups?

This is GREAT! I especially love the hair, nothing else looks wrong to me.

amazing! hair and skin are great, like the scruffiness of the hair! wow!

Capital work mate!


really well done :wink: looking forward for the next character :smiley:

Thanks guys!

And thank you Max for the help you gave me during the creation of this project! :slight_smile:

Great work! Very inspiring!

Thanks PipTogo! :slight_smile: