Thanks guys!

josepharrar, the base model is after an italian guy, but the textures are quite “free”, so the likeness stop to the model geometry… no particular reference. However I know there are quite a lot of italian immigrants in Australia, maybe there is some resemblance! :slight_smile:

Very Photorealsitc. You even applied a focus effect too. Nice!

Great and fine work. Really amazing.

Thank you, I am glad you liked the work! :slight_smile:

I also did a version with artificial lighting, I edited the first post if you wanna have a look at it!

Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

This is really amazing work…but it’s a textbook definition of The Uncanny Valley. It’s very, very realistic, but there is just …something… that makes it not a real human. I wish I could tell what that is; it’s a common problem with CG. Fantastic work, though, and I wish I had your skill!

Thanks sizzler… I know I am totally stucked in the uncanny valley, but it is not easy at all to come out of it, it is quite deep :smiley: I hope next time I will be able to do step further! :slight_smile:

This is awesome work. Was this all done in Blender? Excellent!

Thanks pzzs7f. No it is not only blender. I used Mari for texture painting and zbrush for the very fine sculpting. The rest is all blender. I think I could have used blender also for the texturing and the sculpting, but I wanted to study a bit also other programs.

top shelf!! bravo!!!

Kereeeeen (Coooool), your images are motivating me to work on blender more and more :smiley: GREAT

Thanks guys! I am happy you enjoy the images :slight_smile:

Very nice work!

The final version looks great! Congrats!

Wow! This is a masterpiece! Keep it up! :yes:

Hej guys! sorry for getting back here so late, but I lost track of the thread! Thanks, glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

I hope you make more like it! :smiley: