Hi all!

This is my first ever WIP model/topic! I am basically aiming to create a realistic portrait using only blender and photoshop!

This basic sculpt took me about 1 hours to complete (After lots of practice) I will work on detail today and maybe a bit of tomorrow!
Feel free to give any crit, I really need it! But I don’t think it’s THAT bad for a first…

Thank you all! :slight_smile:



Not bad. I really love the nose, it’s the bit that stands out for me. keep it up

Thank you!
Yeas, the nose is my favorite part of sculpting human heads! Also just one thing, I am going to update this thread tomorrow with my new mesh with textures! I am currently working on the skin shader, but at the moment I have done the foundational sculpt, detail, textures and SSS!

OK, so I’ve made a big update on my head!

3 days ago, I tweaked the mesh for a couple of hours, until I had the right feel, then the day after, I did the detail sculp which went really well and I’m happy with the mesh at the moment! And today, I have just finished the skin texturing which took about 2 hours to complete. Tomorrow, as I don’t have access to my laptop now, I will post a render once I have finished the SSS! Then I will work on the skin shader!

Sorry I can’t post an image right now, but I will do it ASAP tomorrow!

That’s all for now :wink:

Hi bonrw, Nice start!
I don’t know If you have already tweaked them but the ears are completely off! Really too high and I can barely recognize their shape!

Yeah, I had a problem with the ears…:confused: I might try re doing them once I have some references!

Hmmmm, I am having trouble with the ears… Anyone here know how to sculpt them, because I could send them the file and they could add better ears, because I am really no good at them :frowning:


I have been away for a week without access to blender, and I haven’t had much time to work on the head.
But today, I gave it a tweak, and did a quick render without the textures (I might redo the texturing, as the skin looked a little too blotchy)
Suggestions and critique is very welcome!


Okay so there are a few things that seem a little off to me, some of it may just be due to the camera angle and lighting though. Firstly I’d like to say that each individual component of the face seems very well sculpted, just the relationship between them is a bit off. The space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the mouth is way too big you should probably bring down the nose to solve this as the nose currently is level with the cheek bones, it should be a tad lower. The nose should be roughly the same length as the ear. The eyes maybe slightly too close, but like I said this may just be the angle, the width of the head should be 5 eyes wide with the space between the eyes being the same width as 1 eye. The eyes could also be pushed back into the head a bit. Above the brow you should bring in the sides of the head a bit to represent the temple. Lastly there is a very sharp crease on the sides of the neck, this should be smoothed. There is a muscle form on the neck that begins behind the ear that comes across the neck towards the centre where the clavicle is.
The human head is an incredibly hard thing to get right so don’t be disheartened! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile: This is just what I need!

I tweaked the ears and moved the mouth, and tweaked the head around in general.

Please tell me what your thoughts are! :wink:

Also, the eyes are a little crossed and not exact, but they are just quick sample ones.