This is a portrait of Hugh Dancy. I am trying to learn how to make a more realistic portrait.
I can’t quite get the likeness right. And I am just learning. So I would love to get feedback on anything I am not seeing.

When I did this, I used about 3 maybe 4 reference pictures.

Well that is a good start! keep going! just look hard to the references and start fixing, Primary forms is just the most important thing, forget about details, just place everything in his right place, having low poly helps to move things easy.

Thanks, okay yes I was starting to think about details instead of primary forms, will work on it more tonight! Feeling motivated to give this another try. Thank you.

I just saw your portfolio page btw, it looks really good.

Still lots of issues, the mouth needs to be redone. it is lower poly then this, I took the suggestion and decimated the polys to ten & of what they were. But i have a subdivision on just to render it, so it doesn’t look quite as bad.
think I am getting closer with the form, but it has been really hard to figure out how to match the form.
He has Remi from Mr. Robot’s sort of very prominent jaw line, and he has a pretty short face, and it has just been really hard. ;/
Finally I started making small small changes and rendering constantly to make sure I wasn’t making it worse.
The angles by the eyes still have a lot of weirdness. I have been avoiding the eyes, except for here and there. and the mouth, cause they seem hard to do. and the nose.

Nice work so far, Usually when I sculpt a face I keep sculpt symmetry on for the primary forms, and turn it off later once you start secondary (creases/folds) and tertiary fine details (pores, lip creases) Keep going, sculpts take hours.

Yeah I think maybe you should for the time been work with symmetry, and also try to be a bit more clean with your work, there is not need to be doing smooth all the time, but just taking care a bit more of how the surface is looking.
For symmetry just do a symmetrize on dynotopo, chose the side you like better.

Just a quick update to show I smoothed out the terrible bumpiness, even though some detail was lost i think the main form still mostly is there. I was nervous to turn on symmetry this long after starting. I don’t mean to but have a habit of turning off symmetry without thinking about it and forgetting to turn it back on until it feels too late-ish. Fortunately it turned out fine.

I hope tonight to get do some work on nose, mouth and eye areas.

empty post. (deleted what was here). why is there no delete post button?


Well what was the jaw that gave me trouble before, is now the eye area. I am trying to measure and keep track of proportions too. Which is something I am just learning how to do.

And of course would appreciate any feedback. Anything that could improve it. Much appreciated!

more work on it today. been very difficult to get the eyes. added a mouth of sorts.
Taking a short break on this to work on a full body sculpt, hopefully will be able to see with clearer eyes later.

I think you are starting to improve you observational skills, but your anatomy knowledge is not helping you, you should try to learn some skull anatomy, muscles of the face, and fat pads, you will start so see a lot more things!

Okay thank you for the direction! That is a lot lol… okay. Will work on a skull, and then add these muscles and fat pads to the skull as practice and see if I can see these things better. Cause I watched anatomy skull names videos a few the other day, and so I know some of the bone names but I guess still am not getting the shapes. which makes sense cause I don’t feel like I get what they exactly look like either and have to rely on guessing a lot. which is probably a problem. anyway i think practicing making a skull from scratch to face might help me understand all these better.

Thanks for the review Tonatiuh, I have started to go through your proportions pages on here as well.

making a skull is just such a greate thing to do. you will learn a lot. This one that I made can help you. I’m working in a set of tutorials on anatomy of the head that someone contract me to do, so maybe some day I can make them accessible for everyone. But just look for anatomy in this three things that I mention: skull (especially visible landmarks), muscles and the expressions (in actions units) and fat pads and aging. And you will be just fine. Also don’t forget to look for proportions, (at least at first, I don’t think on them anymore I just eyeball them and relay on the six sense)

This is my first time working on the skull. The pictures are awesome thank you! I can’t quite do them justice yet, but they are helping tons!

Nice try!!!
try again but think in distances (this point is at the same distance as this), in angles (this line is 35 º and this is just 46º etc., in relations (this is in the same line as this, and this), think in proportions, (this is two times this, and this is the same as this… etc.)
Also try to look at the with space, not just the skull, but the space that lives, look for contours, and the silhouette.

Just a quick post to say I am working on another character face. this one is a composite of a couple different girls of about 7-10 for a project I am working on with a character needed in it.
Just started it last night.

Though I still haven’t done my more in depth skull sculpting.

Also just now made a very quick sketch of the main girl. it’ far from perfect but i thought it might be helpful for helping me see a little better. I don’t know if i mentioned but i am under a really tight time frame so I will be doing things ‘fast’ here and not necessarily great. but the best i can for the time i have. (trying to get her done within a few days).

added some ears and eyes… slowly adding details…

annnd… now I have to stop for tonight.

working some tonight. trying to get the face done…

I did finish the character in time. this is the result. I decided to keep her clothes white for simplicity. Could’ve done better, but i think for the time i was given this was fine, I finished it including retopo of face, in about 3 days.