portuguese guitar

Here is something I’m working on. I’ll be updating this with frequence.


I look foward to seeing some progress. Looks like a decent start.

ooh…i want one

Sorry for the delay, but here is an update.


I reworked on the vertices of the guitar and deleted half of it and then constructed the inside of it.

Oops… Scrolled down, modeling looking nice.

Looks good. When i saw the first image on this thread i said
Then i scrolled down. :wink:

It looks good, but i think you should label your reference image as such. :wink:


You have the basic shape down now, which looks very good. Now you need to sharpen up your edges aroud the hole and on the face of the guitar. Add some face loop cuts there and all should be fine.

Good work!


lol, digital_me, I nearly **it myself when I saw the first image. “This is something I’m working on…”. My first thought was wonder what in the world was going to change and why the thing was in the WIP forum. My second was to be embarassed after scrolling dow. :wink:

dude, you scared me with that first image, photorealistic!! :o I hope your final render will be even more real 8)

The first picture is only a reference one. :expressionless: I wish I could do something like that! Sorry if I got all of you to be mistaken. :expressionless:

What do you think? Is it better now?


Ok. I’ve worked a little bit more on the guitar and made the missing half by duplicating and mirroring the other one.


I had some problems with my internet connection, so, I could only post here today.



The last picture is a pre-render.

if i were you (and you make like you want) i must use curve to make the guitar form (round) and alt+c to convert, to ha a very perfect rouded form