POS device

Gladly done with this. I learned somethings new which I hope to improve next project


This is a well made object, it would fit well in a larger production, I don’t really see anything wrong with it.

But, that’s also all I have to say about it and that’s the only problem here. For me to really have something to critique, I would need to see a more complete scene or artwork. Something more artistic, that gives context and tells a story rather than just a showcase of an asset.

Without the context of a scene or story, the object asks some questions that will remain unanswered: in what kind of world is this device used? In what kind of building and by what kind of people? Why is the device so dirty and scratched, is the place where it is located that way too?

Again, great modeling practice and well done, there’s just not much for me to criticise here.

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What does POS stand for other than the common meaning? Nice model btw.

It means point of service, used in supermarkets, grocery stores, to withdraw, and also pay for goods and services.

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Okay, thank you very much for asking more clarification, So this is a portable payment machine used by humans, in Nigeria we are always on high blood pressure because we are thinking how to survive in such unfair world, some people are being ripped off by business institutions and vice versa, We are also afraid of being robbed as it is not easy to get money, we work very hard yet earn so little. So instead of going to the bank and queue for 6 hours just to collect chicken change, we have agents that work with these banks that we can go to, all we need is our atm card. Slot it into the machine, and it does the operation, it doesn’t print money though, so the agent has money with him/her. The agent most time is doing two or three businesses at a time, leaving him/her less concern about maintenance, well until the device is no longer working or battery runs out. That’s why it’s that dirty and scratchy.

Here is a more breakdown

ArtStation - PoS Machine