Pose bone with driver doesn't update when I reset the control bone

I made an armature with 5 bones for rigging test, One bone is control bone and rest of bones are controled by the control bone’s rotation by driver.
It works as I expected when I rotated control bone but the problem is
After I rotated control bone, even if I reset the control’s bone’s rotation by “Alt + R”,
the bones that were controld by control bone don’t change it’s rotation. It’s like not updated.

If I press tab key to change the mode, it will update but that’s not what I want.
If you know the reason why this happens, please tell me the solution.
I attached the blend file.

Thank you in advance

Bonetest.blend (585 KB)


Its a dependency issue…just use the new depsgraph and all work just fine.

1.open cmd console cd to the blender exe path and type.
2.blender.exe --enable-new-depsgraph
3.console should answer…using new depsgraph

no driver update issue…
here is a link with a more detailed instruction.
post 35.
good luck

Wow, It solved the problem! Thank you very much! And also your posts on the thread really helped me!