Pose Deformation Tool I Developed for the BGE but can be used in blender render also. (2.78a)

This is something I crammed to do alongside another project, it’s a pose deformation modifier, I was trying to make a walk to run modifier via python hoping I could speed up my own process when I decided it would be beneficial to the community and I should publish it.

feel free to play with the variables :

FSIGN modifies the first sign of every QXYZ iteration
MSIGN modifies the second sign of every QXYZ iteration
LSIGN modifies the third sign of every QXYZ iteration
Modifier modifies the first modifier
LModifier modifies the second modifier
EXCEPTIONS this bones will not be effected in the process, ever.

DoAxisQ if this is on it will change quaternions
DoAxisX if this is on it will rotate X
DoAxisY if this is on it will rotate Y

DoAxisZ if this is on it will rotate Z

and yes it is possible to use this to generate a walk cycle so long as you slightly modify the bones first hand and then polish it later on.

Complete with a GUI, news flash the GUI is garbage and doesn’t work.

feel free to share/modify my code also or use in your projects.
PoseDeform(2.78a).blend (671.9 KB)

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add the script

#Discover Selected Bone Indices
import bpy

for A in range(len(bpy.context.selected_pose_bones)):

to make things a bit easier, it will print all the indices of the selected bones for you.