pose_head BUG in Runtime?

For my project I have made a script to generate random trees in the BGE. This is done by modifying the Armature.

But when I save as Runtime it’s all messed up.

After some troubleshouting I found that KX_GameObject.channels[i].pose_head is not updating. It results the same as if I would be using KX_GameObject.channels[i].bone.arm_head. Anyone knows if this is a bug?

It is amazing, :slight_smile: I wish I knew more about Pose_head and bone.arm_head etc, I have made all my rigs from scratch,

Hi folks,

Reason why it didn’t work was that I didn’t add the location of the channel to the positioning Vector for the branch. I attached a test.blend for anyone who may be interested.

I’m checking this thread to be SOLVED, although this might still be a bug. I don’t know if this is a bug of the Game Engine or of the Blender Player.


Channel_pose_head_test.blend (74.1 KB)