Pose in pose library converts to shape keys at once : Poselib2Morph

Overview of add-ons
It is an add-on that converts pose list of pose library to shape key (morph) in one stroke.
It is useful when you want to create facial expressions in facial bones, save them in a pose library, and convert them to shape key.


How to use add-ons

  1. Activate the add-on.
  2. Select the object to which the armature where the pause library is stored is applied.
  3. Press “Poselib 2 Morph” in “object” of the menu to execute it.

Background of add-on production
When I made the MMD model with Blender, I was a little worried about the workflow.

When making an MMD model, we will make many morph data to create many facial expressions.

When creating a model of a humanoid in Blender Normally, you create a human body, clothes, hair, etc. as separate objects, attach a pose etc. by linking to an armature.

When exporting to pmd / pmx as an MMD model, the objects must eventually be merged into one.

What I was worried about was Morph 's editing.

Editing the apex and face of the original model after creating the morph in Blender has the possibility of breaking morph data.
Also, in Blender, objects with morphs suffer such as modifiers can not be applied later.

Then create expressions etc. in a pose by bone, save it as a pose library, integrate all objects when exporting to pmd / pmx, then manually convert from each pose library to each shape key (morph) I took the flow to do.

As an advantage,

  • You can create expressions without integrating objects.
  • Mesh editing is possible. Morph data does not break.
  • Easy to edit and adjust facial expressions.

The disadvantage is,

  • I have to bone with bones such as eyes and mouth
  • Weight adjustment is serious
  • Troublesome work of converting a pose library to morph

The add-on created this time is an add-on to solve the disadvantage “3. Troublesome work of converting a pose library to morph”.

The MMD model I created has about 20 expression data, and I converted them one by one from a pose library to a shape key, but I thought that it would be rather troublesome to create a tool that can be easily done later That is what made this add - on.

Usage note:

  1. Unless unnecessary IKs and constraints are muted, they will be burned onto the morph with them applied.
    For example, please mute both hands and IK of both feet in advance.

  2. Since all poses registered in the pose library will be burned, delete unnecessary data from the shape key panel after executing the add-on.

Thank you.


Can this addon work in a contrary way? I just want to say shapekeys to pose library, I say this because that will be great to make proxies when work shape keys and for the moment this doesn´t exist

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to brehiner

I can not do it for now, sorry.

can you update this to work with 2.93? It’s not installing unfortunately.