Pose library acting dumb

Whenever I add a pose into the library, instead of -duh- adding a new one, it replaces another pose with the new one. Is there any way I can stop this? I’m really pulling my hair out. :mad:

I’m also using 2.49 if that helps.

This is an old thread, so you may have solved this already, but… I don’t know exactly how it’s set up in 2.4, but I believe in principle it works like the material system, where you have to add a new pose index to the list (in 2.5 you click a ‘+’ button) then make sure the new pose is highlighted in the list and save your pose. Hope this helps.
What I’m wondering is why a pose I saved is gone after reopening the blend.

Im having the same issue in 2.61.
Once I close and reopen the pose still appears in the library but applying the pose to the rig has no effect?
I guess I may be misunderstanding how or what the pose library can do.
The Action editor is also proving to be a steep learning curve.
I thought it would go like this…

pose the armature into specific poses.
combine those poses into actions.
combine actions into animations.

It seems however things may be a little more involved than that.

I just started investigating the Pose Library as well and I am experiencing the same thing on 2.6.3.
I have created two action, both reside on frame 1. These are phonemes for the face. Adding the first one seems to work, but when I add the second one and point it to my second action, the first one disappears…?