pose library woes

Hey, I’m trying to create some pose libraries for a character rig. Here’s my workflow:

  1. I press alt+G alt+R alt+S to make sure the rig is in default pose.
  2. I create a new pose library, click the “new” to create a new one, name it (silhouettes) and click the + sign in the pose library list to create a new entry.
  3. I get the “poselib add new” popup, and I choose “add new”. I then doubleclick on the created pose to name it.
  4. I rearrange my rig and repeat the process several times to create more poses.

From what I gathered from a few youtube videos and the documentation, that should be the way to do it. But no poses seem to be saved?


I do this afaik, but my poses won’t save when I add a new one. anybody know what could be wrong?

on a side note, does anybody know of a way to have some poses show up in a custom rig menu? In the N menu of the 3D view?

I add a few poses in the pose lib and name them. Go the rig in pose mode, pose it, select all the bones I want affected by the pose, hit shift-L , Choose ‘replace exisiting’ hovering over it, and then select the name of the pose I want it to be. To cycle or look through your poses, select all the bones you want, this may be all of them, and hit ctrl-L and then middle mouse scrollwheel through them.

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong then. I followed these instructions to the letter, and still nothing happens… o well

The keys don’t show it, but after I hit ctrl-L I am scrolling the mousewheel to cycle through the poses. Make sure that before you assign the pose with shift-L you have actually selected all the bones. Same thing for scrolling through them, they must be selected.