Pose Manager - Like Studio Library in Maya

Hi everyone;
Are you using an add-on to load poses and cycle clips?
Default pose manager is very limited, and we need something can works on a shared location in network.
is there a equivalent tool of studio library in maya?

Thanks a lot


no idea? :astonished:

I hear that maya’s studio library is possible to be connected to blender, and i hear it’s been done for some productions so I’m looking to finding the person that has done it already see if maybe we can get a freely available plugin, but that’s a bit of a stretch, knowing that it can be done its a good start tho.

Yup. Can confirm that we used it on I Lost My Body.

The Blender version was developed at Xilam. Hopefully they release it to the public someday, as it was very useful.

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I’m an old 3ds max user and i developed same stuff in 3ds max and used it many years.
We are working on animated series and now im working for switch my all pipeline to blender but this is a big gap for production,
I would love to develop this for blender but im not experienced enough yet,
If I can achieve this I would be happy to share with the community,

Thanks for posting this! Do you have any more information on that?

Appreciate it! Thanks!

Hi there Kat (and welcome to BA!)

Since posting with such certainty that we used it on I Lost My Body, I’ve looked further into it and discovered I was wrong; it wasn’t actually Studio Library, but a tool that felt very similar.

Here is the tool we actually used:

…but don’t bother trying to install it, as it’s specific to Blender 2.79 and even once you get the required python module to work, it is really specific to the studio pipeline they used. :frowning:

So, basically this is a highly desired addon that many animators want, and doesn’t really exist in a usable form right now.

Sorry to bring the bad news, but maybe the fact that so many are asking for it means it will be solved soon.

Thanks for looking into it! I had actually downloaded that last week and was disappointed that it did not work ( as I’m using 2.8x ). Sounds like it’s only hopefully only temporary bad news… :crossed_fingers:

lately i see the same requests in all online channels, community looking for his hero :slight_smile: