Pose Mode Mistake

Well, after about six months of manually moving parts of my characters around as seperate objects and it taking forever I finally took the jump to Armatures and bones. I thought a simple animation would work to help me understand it all better. So I built a hand and made it open and close, simple enough.

Well during the process I had to rotate and scale the hand because I had built it facing down on accident. I thought I had done it in object mode and not pose mode, but aparently I was wrong. When I went to add wrists to the hand (after inputing a bunch of IPO’s on the armature of course) I found that the hand immediately twisted to 180 degrees of the wrist, and was the wrong scale.

I can of course remove all rotations on the armature and start over, but is there any way to make the newly extruded wrist match the twist put in in pose mode? Right now it is really nasty and even putting new bones into the wrist extruded from the hand bones doesn’t bring the twist and scaling into the new section? Am I in trouble or is there a way to fix this without losing my IPO’s?