Pose mode : Noob Problem with the second Keyframe [resolved but not completely]


As i was following a tutorial about bone animation, i encounter a problem :

  • 2 firsts animations, no problem
    The third, the second key don’t function. It’s here, but the bone is not in the position before insertion of the key.

What i have done :
Frame 40 : i insert a key rot. I go to frame 60. I rotate one bone. I insert a key rot.
I return to 59, surprise - i find the bone in the pos of 40 ! I return to 60 … idem.
What’s going on ?
I’ve made the same thing between 1 and 20 and 20 and 40… no problem. What have change ? I think i’ve not change option… so why ?

I’m a creep…

Thanks in advance

Seems like a restart to Blender could solve that issue. It’s defenitely not an issue of 2.53 because you say yourself you did 2 animations and this only occured in the third one.

Thanks for reply
It’s my fault (always) - i’ve found the problem
I haven’t add the animation in the LNA Editor !

It functions when i add it in the LNA editor
But it must be at the same time in action editor, if not, movement can be invisible in action windows. Why ?

That’s akward, at least I don’t think it ever happened to me. Maybe you can post a blend file to analyse.

Funny, the button I was looking for was called a ‘button that doesn’t look like a button’ in the 2.4x Wiki. Guess it still doesn’t look like a button in 2.5x. =P
Try clicking the little grey (or yellow) circle in front of the NLA Track in the NLA Editor. It makes you toggle between viewing the action in it’s own timeline and viewing it in the NLA’s one.
If you’re working in 2.4x: It’s the little running man icon/ NLA-stack icon in front of the Strip.