Pose Position & Rest Position are Different Though Character Not Posing

Hey guys. I’m having a problem trying to understand why my character’s eye bones are moving to a different position in pose mode when the character isn’t posing? I’m in the middle of creating eye bones, so it’s not finished yet and the character isn’t able to actually pose yet. Where the bones are in rest mode is where they should be in pose mode and object mode too. I tried to 'Apply as Rest Pose" but I get an error saying “Actions on this armature will be destroyed by the new rest pose…” and it doesn’t let me do it. I tried applying the armature modifer and adding a new armature modifer, I also tried applying location, rotation and scale in object mode and I cannot figure out why these bones in pose mode don’t stay in the same place when my character isn’t posing. If anyone has any ideas I’d really appreciate it, Thanks in advance

Heres a video

Go to Pose > Clear Transform > All. If that fails to solve the issue, there is likely an issue with a constraint somewhere.

Going into pose position activates the bone constraints and drivers. For instance, a bone may be tracked to a target that is displaced from where the bone is already pointing. So when you go into pose mode, the bone will appear to “snap” to a new position. This is common in the initial stages of rigging when you’re still testing constraints and drivers.

I tried going to pose mode and clearing the transform and that didn’t fix it. I’m thinking I would rather just start over again since I didn’t get too far in the eye rig tutorial yet. The rest of my character is already rigged and everything works properly. Not sure if that helps at all. I’m basically adding the the rig I already have. How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again when I start again? How can I diagnose the problem you’re talking about?

No need to start over. Keep clicking back and forth between pose and rest like you do in that video. Each time, disable or remove a constraint on a new bone until the issue stops, then you’ll know who’s to blame. My guess is that those little eyelid bones are all parented to something which is constrained to something which is not where it should be. Follow the paths of dependence like a detective and you’ll find the culprit.

Will try that. Thanks

In Pose mode… before clearing all transforms, make sure all bones in the rig are selected.

The constraints definitely helped me find the problem, thanks! What I ended up doing was removing all parents along with the constraints for all the new eye bones I created to reset everything first. Then while I was re-parenting the eye bones to try to diagnose what the problem was, I realized that while watching the tutorial, I accidentally parented the small eye lid bones to the wrong bone. Once I parented everything exactly how the tutorial said, I got the same exact result and things are working properly and now I can continue rigging the eye lids. Since I’ve done rigging before, I guess I got a little over confident and skipped some parts of the video lol A good lesson to always be humble, learn, and take things one step at a time haha Thanks again!

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