Pose to Pose animation tutorials are now online

They cover posing, timing, setiing up a scene, everything!

Thanks for the tips. A question however about preparing a character for import. I noticed you just imported a group. I assumed all the mesh parts were part of that group. Do I need to add the armature to the group as well for the group import technique to work?

yes - add the armature (in object mode) to the group and it will import right along with it

Here are some test renders from the tutorial set

By the way – there are a total of like ten tutorials in the set right now… go to the uploaders page to find the whole set

The tutorials are amazing, great work! You made me fell in love with animation.

The only thing I could be picky about is the naming convention for the tutorials because it can get confusing sometimes, I had a hard time finding some parts because they aren’t uploaded in order or I would expect the video “3” after video “2” but the continuation is “3A”, nothing major, the content is that counts but it would be great if it were more accessible.

Please continue your amazing work! Thanks!

I know - I am sorry about that – it was because I tried to break the tutorial up frame by frame (1 – first panel in storyboard, 2 - 2nd panel) but then video extended beyond the 15 minute time limit - so I had to break them up… 1a 1b 2 3a b c d etc. sorry…

I organized all the (current) tutorials into a playlist:


Awesome! Keep it up.

A simplified robot with the same bone system is on blendswap –


These tutorials came out of me as I developed a scene. The scene is live here:

Pan – the bad guy — is available on Blendswap.