pose to shapekey

hello guy’s,

I’m puzzled with an issue :
I’m working on the creation of an animated head with shapekey for muscle.
on the other hand the jaw is animated with an armature (only 2 bones)

I’m working with a programmer and he says to me that we may need to get ride of the armature.

so I was wondering if there is a way to transfert some extreme position of the skeletal animation to shapekey so that we can have a model without armature.

hve you any idea on the way to proceed ?

thank’s in advance :slight_smile:

I find my answer on the french forum, so if anyone interested here is the way to go in 2.49b :

use the apply demormation script in object mode;
then in edit mode on your copy with your original selected use the “deformed mesh to rvk” script : et voilà!

thanks for reading !

Can you write a little more detailed explanation. I can make it work, but one object deforms. Thanks

Even though you found your answer, why would you want to get rid of your Armature?

@ senshi : Hi, in fact I work with a programmer on a robotic project… I’m only the artist doing the shape and he is not using exclusingly blender for his work. He asked for suppressing the armature, I don’t know exactly why at the moment, but the programmer has constraint I have to take into account and that the deal, I try to achive what he want :wink:

@ kazinger :
_blender 2.49B

  • take your armature and pose it the way you want
  • select your mesh
    -use the script “apply deformation”
    -reset your armature to default
    -select your mesh AND your copied mesh from the script (the copy is the active object)
    -go to edit mode with the copy
    -use the script “deformed mesh to RVK” and answer the few question
  • a new shape key has been created to your original mesh.
  • you can delete the copy.

that’s all folk !

Hey Thanks for taking the time.