PoseChannel has an Invalid Group

caught this error, multiple times, while trying to keyframe an armature via a pose libarary.

I’ve set the poses, but when I hit render, it reverts to the ‘initial’ at rest pose. So I put the pose back into position, select all the bones and hit I for keyframe…

And blender locks up with an error flag locked to the cursor displaying the message shown in the thread title.

Is this a known bug, something I should report to the bug tracker? Anyone know any work arounds?

Star Ranger4:
Could you post a simplified .blend?

How are you setting the poses? Through poselib?
Is the poselib action being used as the destination action?

will work on getting the simplified blend up soonest…

Setting the pose via poselib, yes.
The poselib action? not so sure, wasnt trying for an actual action, I just wanted the charecter to be in that pose for a single frame render

So far, just importing the figure into an empty .blend the error doesnt repeat. So I guess its gotta be something thats added itself to the armature along the way,. cause when I imported the scene into a blank file the error re occured.

I merged in an armature from a testing build of Etch a ton and got the same error. I deleted the actions and groups and then it was okay.