Posed sculpt dude

Here is a quick sculpt study I did to see non-symmetrical posed sculpting challenges with Blender sculpt mode. Bear in mind this is a pose/gesture study not an anatomy study.

I used bare polygons, no dyntopo, no remeshing, no multires etc.

Rendered in Cycles.


Look almost like a Rodin and the musculature definition is very well done!

Thanks. It was also a test drive of the new sculpt integrations, although I still used the old tools like Snake hook, Crease and Clay brushes.

Great to know and i will soon test the new sculpt capability if i remember correctly i saw a thread where someone said that the grab brush behavior is now better since i was also using the snake hook because i prefer it to the grab one.

Generally speaking Blender 3d brushes are fine as they are even in 2.7x branches, except that they have horrible defaults. Try messing with the curve falloffs to improve the brush-surface interaction feel.

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