Poseidon project

Hello, community! Be good. This is my first experience with dynamic sculpting. This is first of chess pieces - the king

Hi there! Great start, the action in the legs is working really well. If I could make a few suggestions it would be to add some twist into the body. His shoulders and hips are complete square to the front. If he were leaping off of his right foot his left hip would be twisted forward and his left shoulder would need to twist backward to keep balance. You are subtly doing that, but to make the pose really interesting I would push it even further. This will help keep an interesting silhouette in multiple angles

Hi, Evad! Thank you. That s what I will defenetely do in this project. How could I miss that? I am now thinking of the way to do it, as I first made this pose with bones and low poly mesh and then started to sculpture.

I think maybe point the trident out a little bit, that way to give it a more dynamic silhouette.

Hello, Scotchtapeworm. I was experimenting with it and found the trident in a better condition when it was popping out - just as you say. But the point is that this is ment to be the chess piece. Thats what I missed to mention in my description… I missed to mention the most important thing (solved) So… whenever I try to make the figure more dynamic I draw the line at it because I need to take into my account other pieces and the way that it looks for the chess player)

I believe (though not sure) that the piece will be 3D printed with the size of at most 3 inches

I think that if I know that its worthy of doing, I ll retopo the mesh, rig it again to make all those tweaks that you say