Poser 5 for free until Sept 4, 2006

Hey guys, I just read in News and Discussions that Content Paradise is giving away Poser 5 for free until September 4, 2006. Grab it while you can. You need to register with their site, and you have to go through the checkout, but you might not be able to download the files right away. If not, you’ll still be able to go back and get them later for free. (I just kept trying over and over to download. Only took about three tries for each of the two files)

What does this have to do with the game engine?

(if this is a stupid question, you should know that I don’t know what poser is)

well it’s free toosl you can get to model stuff to put in your game engine… that’s what is has to do with the game engine… i think…?

@Arr Matey!!: Poser is character modelling and animation software. It might be best used for making cutscene animations. The primary reason to use Poser for something like that is because it has a good working cloth/hair movement simulator (I think that’s available in version 5. might be version 6, though…). It’ll be at least until v2.5 (the next scheduled release) for Blender to have equivalent cloth simulation. Plus, there are lots of free, pre-rigged figures for use in Poser. Personally, I would tend to use it for exporting the Poser models to Blender for use in games/cutscenes. The main reason I made the post was because I know not everyone here reads the News and Discussions page, and I wanted to let you all know of an opportunity to get a free copy of this useful software. I hope that answers your question.

Has MetaCreations gone mad!!? They’re giving out their software for free!! WTF!? Or did Daz3D buy them over and releasing the software for free like google/sketchup?

This is amazing! I can’t believe their giving out such powerful software FOR FREE!

i was under the impression that there is a time limit on it. as a wise primitive once said, to a missionary, that was trying to give him a metal axe, " no thanks, when it wears out, i’ll just need a new one. "

no time limit on poser 5 at all. just go, reserve your free copy at www.contentparadise.com and you can download it any time after the 4th. you have a new serial number for life, it’s a full copy + content CD. there are too many downloads right now and their servers are probably on fire, but once you get it in your shopping cart you are good. the offer expires after today though I think

poser 5 DOES have hair and cloth.