Poser 5 Free

Right now for a limited time Content Paradise is offering Poser 5 full for free. Download size is 644 Mb. Offer lasts until Sept. 4. You have to register with them first.


This one kind of ticks me off since I paid good money for that program. :slight_smile:

Wow, They are doing just like DAZ, offering it for free for a few days.
Now thats a beautiful end of summer gift. Free Bryce 5 and Free Poser 5. Neat, Neat and Neat!

Thanks for sharing

Looks like their server is taking quite some heat, their website is extremely slow. Thanks for the heads up!

Yeah, the website reminds me of ED when it came out…

loading…loading…3hours later…loading…

Wow, thanks for the heads up.

Its a bit weird though, considering that DAZ just released Bryce 5 for free too. I hope I get to download this before the time limit is up. Over here the server is taking too long to respond, and my connection is rather fast.


This could be solved through torrents, am i right?

Yeah, especially since its 600mb+. Sounds like a good idea. I’m a taker if there is a torrent

I’m new to Blender and 3d in general, how often do “they” give away commercial software?

Not very often :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads-up! I would never use it for modelling, but for figure reference - for digital/traditional painting - it’s invaluable!

I did a scene with DAZ models and Poser low poly people for a crowd just this last couple of weeks. Turned out OK. I know what you mean though. But I’m more of a story teller than a graphic artist and I find using another artist to help the process is a real time saver. You can see the image at my web page ebbstudios (forwhat it’s worth : )

The idea of a torrent sounds great. If they just register a serial the same way that DAZ did could be do-able. My isp is on the same backbone I think. Downloading right now but it looks like another six and a half hours to go :rolleyes:

Did anyone else’s dowload just stop? :mad:

I think their servers are having REAL trouble coping with demand, especially now - since most of the US is awake and downloading :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a grand total of 6MBs of the first file. :rolleyes:

I’ll make a torrent when I get home, assuming I can even download the damn thing… you can have real fun with poser but I agree with above, it’s not anything I’d leave in a final render (unless heavily modified.) Might be useful for this set of Japanese armor/swords I want to make, don’t want to have to make the samurai too…

great thing about torrents is, the more people who want a file the faster it dls.

EDIT: between this, amapi, blender, GIMP and Bryce who needs to pay for CG software? (except maybe rhino for nurbs) If you can’t do much with this toolset you probably can’t do anything at all.

There seems to be a war going on between companies in the 3d content business. I have to wonder, which do you guys think is more useful BRYCE5 or POSER5?

Ya - its great! :smiley:
Which? Depends if you want to dump out people or landscapes!
But since they’re both free at the moment, who cares?

[thanks for the notice Marty! Now if it just will work…]

Which? Depends if you want to dump out people or landscapes!
But since they’re both free at the moment, who cares?
Yah, it’s a dumb question, isn’t it, considering they’re both offered for free. DAZ have also been giving away DAZ Studio for free, which is supposed to be their answer for Poser, if I’m not mistaken. Since a lot of people are into character animation nowadays, my question was more on the value of Poser as a support for that.

Hmmph, it’s not slow now -get nothing but an error page.