Poser 9 to Blender 2.7-Is it Possible?


I recently purchased Poser 9 and have been using the James character. I’m hoping to import it into a scene created in Blender 2.7 but thus far in my test runs I’ve been unsuccessful. I’ve exported/imported the James character in .obj but my results are undesirable. It appears that there is no rigging, and no colored or textured materials. Thus when I render in either Blender Render of Cycles Render I end up with a lighted grey multifaceted model of James, nothing like how he looks when rendered in Poser 9.


  • Are these two programs compatible, and if so are there tutes/links that can assist a newer user in getting Poser and Blender to play nice together?
  • If these two programs are incompatible, does anyone know of a program that does have models that are compatible with Blender?
  • An alternative might be to import a scene into Poser from Blender and render it in Poser: Anyone know if this will work, and if so are there tutes/links that can help guide a newer user in this regard?

Thanks for any assistance.


Cpt. Buff

Hello Cpt Buff

Poser 9 and Blender can work together but it does at times require a bit of jumping thru hoops one method is with a set of scripts that were originally written for Daz Studio but do work with Poser with a bit of modifying and tweaking. You can find tutorial and scrips at this link hope they help and sorry I did not come across this post sooner https://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts3/teleblendforposer