Poser Content and Cloth Dynamics

Hey everyone,

I have previously used Carrara 8 for my 3D work, but need a more professional package now. I am deciding between Cinema 4D or Blender 2.5+.

Money isn’t an issue here, I don’t mind paying for C4D.

My questions are thus:

  1. How is cloth simulation in Blender? For instance, draping of complex clothing on a figure, and quick motions in said clothing during animation. In Cinema 4D, both of these are problematic.

  2. Is there an interface add-on for a content browser, as is found in Daz, Poser, Carrara, and (with a plug-in) Cinema 4D? I am not primarily a modeler, I prefer to use pre-made content and model as necessary in Zbrush, so a smooth interface to access my content is vital.

Thank you for reading!

For clothing, I think unless you want to shell out some cash for Maya with NCloth, which I think as quite a bit more built-in control for the problems you can have with cloth, you are going to be disappointed no matter what package you get.

There are just basic inherent problems in the way cloth dynamics work. The author of NCloth claims to have solved these things with a different approach. And I am not sure how that plays out technically. But looking at the manual for Maya on NCloth and reading through a tutorial, I found that NCloth encounters the same problems that I ran into with Blender Cloth and LightWave Cloth. The difference being there seems to be a parameter to adjust for most of these issues. And that to me seems to be the major difference. But I have not used NCloth so take this for what it is worth with that in mind.

But I have experimented with Blender cloth quite a bit. In general Blender cloth is far too bouncy and does not seem to work well with normal gravity settings along with fast motion. It is a decent cloth dynamic tool if you take the time to work out how to overcome the various issues you will run into when using it for actual production animation. Self collision does work with Blender Cloth and that is a must if you are going to use it for clothing.

I think you’d find the same issues and solutions - although the solutions would not be the same - in Cinema 4D. But you’d have to take the time to work it out.

If you want to find out more details of my experiments, see if you can get a hold of a copy of 3D Artist issue #28 has a tutorial I wrote on Blender Cloth for animation.

If you go with Blender let me know how it works out and I’ll be glad to help you with any details.

Thank you for the response.

I do believe I’ll be going with Blender 2.5 with Luxrender inbuilt.

I’m still unable to find any sort of content browser similar to the previously mentioned software packages, though. Is this something that does not exist? I am a still frame designer first and modeler second, so clean access to my old Daz/Poser content is important.

Not sure about any add-ons but 2.5x has had an upgrade to the file browser. Not likely as slick as you are looking for though. But it does have a lot of features.