poser export format script?

does anyone out there know if there is a poser export format (e.g.: .pz3, .pz2) script for blender? or how about a BioVision export format (.bvh) script for blender?

My pose-handling script (sort of) exports .pz2. There are some issues with euler conversions for the rotations, possibly relating to gimbal handling. Exporting .pz3 would be much trickier. As far as I know, no one has done anything which would export .pz3.


This is Cambo’s .bvh import script… but there isn’t an export companion script, as yet.


I think there is an older .bvh export script by Reevan McKay, but it’s formatted for pre-2.40 armature handling and I’m not sure how effective it actually was.

if you realy need I did an exporter that was released in 2.41, but that only exported empty rigs, not armatures.
I intend to get armature export to bvh ready for 2.43

I think there is a cr2 creation script from .obj at contentparadise,
created by PhilC. (It’s around 19 USD currently), and it’s a poser program.

I just preordered Poser 7 which is expected to be released before end
of this year. Let’s see which new formats it comes with.

I would also be interested in conversion scripts, but more the
other direction (convert Poser content for blender scenes).
Depending on my spare time around Christmas, I might start
a program then. Looking at the current cr2 format, I think
I would do a C application using lex / yacc and convert it into
some format blender can already import. (I’m not yet that
familiar with Python :frowning: )

Best regards,

btw, as the preorder included a Poser 6 upgrade, I have that one
available now and already installed.

Basil, I have a Poser Python script “poser2blender.py” from you,
which mentions it’s not yet tested with Poser 6.
I could start with that one to make myself familiar with the topic,
but I don’t know if I have the latest revision of it and lost the URL
where I got it from.
Is the Poser 6 test still open?

Best regards,

almost finished a rewrite of BVH export today, just the matrix math to finish for motion if anyone wants a crack at it Ill post the in progress version.

Michael314 - the URL for the PoserPython script you mention can be found in the thread for my pose handling script for Blender. I haven’t tested it with Poser 6, so if you can verify that it works, that would be very helpful. The script only exports poses and armatures in the format imported into Blender by my pose handling script, however, so the broader benefits of helping Poser and Blender cooperate are minimal. The pose handling script has since been exapanded to parse an armature straight from a .cr2 and to read Poser pose files, so the PoserPython script is actually redundant, now.

Cambo - (sorry, I still haven’t internalized your name change…) - I’m interrested in trying out your .bvh exporter. Will you be offended if I examine it for methods to help resolve the rotation problems with .pz2 export?

I’m curious about PhilC’s PoserPython program to create .cr2 files. I have considered ways to export Blender armatures to Poser, using .phi files. I wonder if that’s how he proceeds…

dont mean to hijack the thread, heres the not working BVH export

line 237 needs some love, once fixed everything else should work.

Theres a simple bone storage class that has all the matricies, pose/rest inverted, so it should be a matter of mixing them together the right way.

Basil, feel free to use any of my scripts as you like, if you copy large chunks (which I dont mind at all), maybe reference me as a contributor :wink:

For line 237, would this help?

You use this for BVH import:

finalMatrix = bone_rest_matrix * bone_rotation_matrix * bone_rest_matrix_inv

I borrowed the above for Poser pose import. I found that I can export a pose from Blender which is compatible with the above import formula if the order of multiplication is swapped for export:

finalMatrix = bone_rest_matrix_inv * bone_rotation_matrix * bone_rest_matrix

I’ve been calling this the “restmatrix” pose conversion, in the pose handling script. Poser and BVH both seem to use it.

I had expected to find some method for dealing with joint rotation orders in BVH export. Is that unnecessary? Interesting. And are you testing import of the exported scripts using anything other than Blender? I found that Poser pose exports are correct upon re-import into Blender, but incorrect when imported into Poser - apparently due to euler conversion. I’ve been assuming that these two formats would require much of the same handling and suffer similar problems with Blender’s rotation conversions.

I think I have you credited in at least six places already, in the pose handler. I’m happy to put your name in there anywhere you want. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this isn’t deviating from the topic.

The URL to the semi-completed BVH exporter is dead… Is it possible to get a copy? I am really excited about finding even a poorly behaving exporter.

This is the old one from CVS, dated Sun Jan 29 19:17:52 2006.


This is from before Ideasman resumed work on it so it still has whatever he felt wrong with it before removing it from the Blender release.

I hope Ideasman’s site reappears soon.

Good luck