Poser figures in Blender

I managed to import poser figures into blender and i have managed to rig its limbs (which was easy) what i really need help with is the facial expresions is there any easy way to do this or do i have to move vertices? any help is appreciated

You have to do some vert pushing for the facial expressions.

the long winded way then OK, does anyone know how i could get an already animated scene done in poser into blender :slight_smile: thanks

What format do poser use?

it uses its own native format but it can export to a load of different formats including .3ds .obj etc

It’s possible to import .3ds I think or was it .obj maybe both.

thats how i got them into blender but it wont take the animation with it?

(YEY I JUST ORDERED MY VERY OWN COPY OF VUE INFINITE) soory had to say that :slight_smile: