Poser format converter to dxf for Blender

(Abavagada) #1

I am wondering if anyone has found a program that will convert from a Poser file [.pz3] to a .dxf file, so the mesh can be loaded into Blender?

I have 3DWin, which converts alot, but not .pz3 files.

(hannibar) #2

In poser you can export to dxf (or other file formats).

(Abavagada) #3

That is correct.
However, I was hoping to be able to load in some props made for Poser, like bodies, hair, clothes, etc. And I don’t have Poser 4.

I dug out my old copy of Poser 2, however, this morning, and will see how much I can do with that. At the least, I can use it as a body maker, then export to .dxf and load into Blender. Then using “Make Head”, I can create individual heads in Blender for the bodies.