Poser is going to be sold.

e frontier is excited to announce an agreement with Smith Micro Software Inc., where Smith Micro will purchase e frontier’s graphics and content business, as well as the e frontier and Content Paradise e-commerce operations.

Well thats good, hopefully they’ll run that business into the ground, and we will be done with software that lets “artists” play with dolls…an maybe they can take the time to learn to be real artists and animators. Its much more rewarding.

Ahh I hope that wasn’t mean…

Some people don’t have time for that and just want pretty pictures fast. I got nothing against that.

It depends on your usage, I suppose. I will use Poser for quick mockups, to make sure the client likes the basic framing, etc…then I delve into creating it properly in Blender. If used as a way to generate super-fast mockups, then it is a great program. If you only use Poser,and claim to be a 3D artist, however, you would be mistaken…there isn’t even any kind of basic mesh editing capabilities…

Think of Poser as a tool. I’m sure it has its uses. Do you think the same of Makehuman; software that lets people be lazy?

I am planning to purchase Anime Studio, it has the capability of importing Blender OBJ files. Any suggesion?

Not to start an argument, hopefully to close one.
I think that Gilles Tran qualifies as an artist. He played a lot with Poser dolls though because he isn’t a modeler but an… imager I guess one could say.
Go see for yourself.


Man, i’ve been looking for that gallery for a while, thanks!
I agree. I think it’s similar to a sculptor using a found object in their work.

I agree, and at the same time, I don’t. There are real life artists who make art from objects they did not create. A street sign here a lamp post there. The neighbor’s dog looks good over her. You feel me.

I’m certain there are artists, of that sort, using programs like poser. And there are also “artists” who purchase veleria number 72 complete with asymmetrical eyebrows and ken b 93 to “show off” on their sites.

Love hate. More so, hate.

All names in this post were intentionally left lowercase to show my disrespect of this program.:smiley: