Poser materials exported into Blender

Hi, does anyone have any advice or know of any good tutorial for using Poser figures in Blender? I am very new to Blender. I managed to get my figure into Blender, but the textures/materials are all wrong. (I know, I can change them in Blender). I exported the figure from Poser as .obj, and imported into Blender. I am really interested in getting the textures correct, especially the eyes. I messed around with the eye materials in Blender but I can’t quite get it right. If anyone has any advice, it would be great, I need some!! :smiley:

I created a process and tutorial a while back. You can find the thread on it here:


Thank you Boxfish, I will give it a try. In the thread you linked to, there was a guy writing a Poser Python import from Blender to Poser. Did you ever hear back from him? Now I am starting to think I could go either way since I’d like to render in POV-Ray using PoseRay as an intermediate step. PoseRay takes .obj files, which I can make from either Poser or Blender. I guess one advantage to the “Blender to Poser” method is that I can import Blender created objects and pose the figure around them. Although maybe one can pose Poser figures in Blender. I am really new to Blender, so I’ve yet to try it.
I guess I am telling you all this in case you have any thoughts, experiences, suggestions.
Thanks again, it looks like you spent a lot of time to create this process.

To import from blender into poser you can use the blender export to .obj script that exists in the file menu, then import it into poser. That seems to work just fine, you may have to adjust the materials.

You can alter the mesh from a poser object in blender but the morph targets would not work, so it’s alot more work but can be done.

For the most part I perfer the poser to blender method. Blender has much better lighting, rendering and texture options compaired to poser. Poser gets too slow to work with when you get a complex scene. I have been able to do much more with blender on the same machine with out memory problems.

Hi Boxfish! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did get my Blender models into Poser, just had to scale them. I’m really used to POV-Ray so I think, for now at least, I will go the route of Blender to Poser to Pose Ray to POV-Ray and use Pov for materials and lighting. I know, why did I even ask my question in the first place. Well, I am still confused, that’s why. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your input!