Posh Canon

This is my 3rd full model which will end up being a full scene., It’s The Royal Canon because is looks like it would be fit for a queen!! lol


Woow! you are best model!

lol far from it m8 but I try lol, my next model is going to be a Willy’s Jeep

Love the render!

I did take the render in to Gimp to give a boom look!! lol

Awesome, great render. Guessing you added the background in gimp then?

You can tell its never been used :slight_smile:
Nice work!

Thanks if you look at the post before yours you’ll see I do say I use GIMP of the boom effect lol

Thank you for your input!!!

Looks great! What render engine did you use?

I used the blender internal, I was going to use lux but for some reason its not working with blender 2.59 ???