Posing across two very similar models

Hello everyone!

I am quite new to blender (novice is too nice of a word) and am having trouble importing a pose from one model to another very similar model.

Basically, I have two models (2 4-legged creatures imported from Spore). The only difference between these models is there feet (one has hooves and the other has talons). I created a pose for my model with hooves and tried to use the pose on my model with talons, though it didn’t work (I suppose since their armatures are not the same).

Anyway, I don’t know how to go about fixing this problem. Is it possible to somehow copy over poses to a model that only slightly differs?


I’d be interested in an answer to this question, too. I don’t think it’s directly possible, but there may be workarounds I don’t know about.

At any rate, the only thing that comes to my mind is to make a set of target bones, one for each hoof, paw, talon, whatever, one for the head, one for the tail, then set up one model’s armature with IK to follow those target bones. Then pose the targets and let the armature follow along.

You should be able to take the second armature, and set it to target the same bones, and the second armature (assuming the IK set up is identical) should mimic the first armature’s pose.

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Not sure how this works with IK and constraints, but with a simple rig it does:

In Pose mode:
Select all the bones of rig1
In the Data Properties Panel (little man icon): Go to the PoseLibrary section.
Add a new Pose library
Press the + button --> ‘add new’ to add a new pose to the current Library
Select the rig2 (still in pose mode)
Go to the PoseLibrary section and press the ‘Browse Action To Be Linked’ button
Choose the Lib
Press the ‘Apply Specified Pose Library Pose to the Rig’ button.
Now the bones should take the position/rotation of the other rig.

Mind that the bones of the two rigs should be named identically.

A further option is to add empties for the IK target bones - one for left foot, etc. then add a Copy Location constraint to the IK target bones with the empty as the target - then when you move the empty, both target bones move together. This may not be exactly what you want since both creatures will execute the same move in the same time, but I use this method a lot with mechanical models.

Here is an example - just move the empty.:smiley:

IK-copy.blend (464 KB)

Cheers, Clock.