Posing multiple copies of the same character in a scene

I’d like to make a scene with multiple, differently posed copies of the same character, to use as a guide for a drawing I would like to make. (Basically, I’m just using the posable character as an artist’s mannequin).

I can Link a character group from a blend file, make a proxy of its rig, and then I have one posable mannequin in my scene. However I cannot do this more than once.

I saw a workaround in an old (2008) forum post, that says you can duplicate (copy or symlink) the library blend file, and then you can Link one copy of the same character from each file.

My question is: is this still the best-practice workaround for Blender 2.6? I’m a noobie to animation, but it seems a little heavy-handed to me.

Last time I checked, yes, Blender wants a different file to link to for each character.