[POSITION FILLED] Texture, look dev and lighting

Hey! Blender Bob here! (look me up on YouTube)

We’re looking for someone for textures (Substance painter), look dev and lighting in Blender. Need to have film or high end tv commercials experience. We are looking at mid to senior people. It’s for photorealistic assets (rusty water tank, Hoover Dam, a light house).

I will need to see a demo reel or some of your work. If I don’t reply to you, it’s not because I’m a nasty person, it’s because I’m very busy (hence the hiring) and I may not have the time to answer you all. But I will try.

Send your info at rrioux @ realbyfake.com WITH THE FOLLOWING SUBJECT: Flex

Please don’t write anything else in the subject line as I will use it to sort my emails.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.



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Hi There,

I have PMed you. Please check it out.

Rocky dash

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