[Position fulfilled!] 3D/2D artist and animator for e-bike drive system visualization work

[Position fulfilled!]


Revonte is a startup designing and building next generation drive systems for e-bikes. Check out our website at https://revonte.com for more information!

We’re looking for a freelancer to work on producing animations (both 3D and 2D) with regards to our products. These are used for both marketing purposes as well as for instructional use. We have been using Blender 2.8 for our current modelling and rendering.

Our product models are directly exported from actual CAD models and materials are added in Blender. We will also need additional modelling when it comes to things like environment, different kinds of e-bikes and such. There will also be a need to add 3D content over real life video material. For 2D animation work, both Blender and Adobe After Effects are good.

This is a long-term assignment with a rather relaxed schedule (not expecting full-time commitment), and we do expect to build a solid collection of assets in the process, that can be used for a long time in the future.

We’re looking for a “serious amateur”, who is willing to work very iteratively with our team. It’s more than fine to learn while working. You’ll also need to be able to invoice for your work.

If this sounds interesting, please contact [email protected] for further discussion!


Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

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