Positioning of Bones

Is there a way of positioning a bone reletive to a selection (on creation of the bone)?

to explain-

I am trying to (automaticly) position a bone between the first and he last points of a grease pencil stroke (or any other selection of 2 points/vertices)
Then parent it to the Stroke/geometry and use a “stretch to” constraint to achieve some snaping functionality for the Stroke…
can this be done/automated?
Skin modifier does something similar when creating armature, right?

Before creating you could use the Cursor to Selection function (SHIFT + S) in order to put the 3D cursor at the right place. Then the bone would be created there
Is it what you are looking for ?

See you :slight_smile: ++

No not really-
The cursor would give me only the base of the bone, which is ok- but not enough, the direction and lenght of the bone should be defined by the second point- (Mesh or GP Stroke),

my final goal would be to automatically assign a bone to a greasepencil stroke.
using the first and the last point of that stroke to define the position, length and orientation of that bone…
having those 2 points could be enough, right?