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I am an Environment Artist looking to expand my portfolio with any opportunities. I have knowledge with Speedtree, Blender 3D, Maya, and World Machine. I have past experience working on games with teams and can communicate well. I understand the ins and outs of Unreal Engine and Unity engine.

I can model small environment assets and unwrap them accordingly. As long as I have modelers, a level designer, and concept artist, I can create an aesthetic and functional scene.

I have a small portfolio with projects I have done to show my abilities in level design. https://www.behance.net/CadeHowart2a2d
My past work experiences can also be called upon if you would like to review those as well.
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your time -Cheers!


I would love a chance to help out with asset creation and characters (modeling, texturing, rigging, animation). I work in Blender. Here’s my sketchfab link for your review. I will be able to do this part time.

PM’d and emailed all those that responded :slight_smile:

If any 3D Modelers are interested in modeling some vehicles for us, we could really use some help there!

We have the vehicle physics package in the game, but the vehicles are all too new / not the right type for our overall game theme.

Looking for more interested individuals in other areas as well :slight_smile:

Got another writer in this week! Getting close to fully staffed on writing. If you’re looking to join on, make the move soon :slight_smile:

We’re looking for some UI / UX Designers. We’ve got the basics in there, but the UI / UX could really use some love.

Also looking for 3D modelers that can do vehicles or are interested in building buildings.

All replies sent out :slight_smile:

We’re looking for some UI / UX Designers. We’ve got the basics in there, but the UI / UX could really use some love.

The JumpCheck Studios website is live :slight_smile:

You can see it and the active team members here: https://JumpCheckStudios.com/

Please note, the Grid Down website won’t be live until closer to our Kickstarter. But I’ll be sure to post it here as soon as it’s up!

Still looking for more individuals. Let us know if you’re interested in helping out!

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Making quite a bit of progress on our Kickstarter town this week. Starting to really flesh out that part of the world. A lot more work to do though :slight_smile:

Still looking for help, especially UI / UX and 3D vehicle modeling!

Are there any good UI / UX designers out there that could help us out? You guys seem to be as rare as unicorns!

Looking for more help in other areas as well!

This week one of the new blueprint guys created our initial building system! We’re also about 1/3 completed on our kickstarter town.

With that being said, we decided that we need more help on level design. We’re looking for more level designers now!

I sent you a email! :smiley: Its marked synergy!

just tell me where to start

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We got 2 level designers in this week, so we’re closing that portion for now.

This week we’re having one of the level design guys and one of the blueprint guys work on the Truesky plugin settings for the project. Day, night, rain, fog, etc.

One of the 3D modelers is coming up with completely custom road spline meshes for the new road tool we’re using.

Our blueprint guys are working on the inventory system, storage, pickup / drop items.

The 3D modelers are working on road pieces for the new roads tool we’re using.

Still looking for more help :slight_smile:

It says unpaid, is there a chance of revenue share at the end?

Thanks for your message!

We share that info during the interview process. If you’d like to hear more send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you our Skype / Google hangout info so you can stop by sometime!

Our Vehicle Modeler is working on suspension / animating our first vehicle and doing tests on bumpy terrain.

We got our first waterfall in the game, complete with spraying water.

We’re looking to start fleshing out our Grid Down Game website, and we’re looking for people who know CSS website coding. If you know anyone that does that, please pass our thread along to them!

If anyone knows someone who knows how to design websites in CSS please send them our way. We could really use some help there :slight_smile:

One of our programmers is working on the underlying Inventory System UI code this week.

The writers got a few additional lore stories completed.

Hi! Are there any openings still available for the UE4 blueprint creator position?

Also, my background is in film making/script writing, so I can provide samples of writing if you need help in that department instead.


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One of our level designers shared a new video of an area he’s working on with the team.

One of our 2D Artists is doing concept sketches for different character variations in the game.

If anyone knows where to look for CSS website designers, please shoot me a Private Message! Seems like there aren’t a lot on here :slight_smile:

It’s difficult for me to see what you are really offering for people if you’re not going to pay. People going into this have to realize that realistically, the vast majority of projects never get finished. They might be better off just developing their own art, as in my experience that’s a quicker way to improve skills.

At any rate, I’d recommend getting some funding so you can start paying.