Positive Poles

you know postive poles dont allways push,sometimes they atract each other.

i just finished this.

i know it has a lot of bugs and stuff but im too tired to work again on this.

Woah… :o Woah.

I see no bugs. I think this is an excelent picture. No crits. Quite possibly the best 2d work I’ve ever seen on this forum.

Thats 2D???

When i first saw it I was sure it was 3d and i thought ‘whats that doing here it should be somewhere else’

all i can say is… WOW!?!?!?

P.S What bugs?

Really nicely done. Here are my crits :

  • I really like the way you reproduced skin, it has a nice SSS effect :slight_smile:
  • the overal shapes and perspectives of the face are really well done.

But, there is some things that bothers me :
first the eyebrows are painted with a too different technique than the rest of the picture. Too precise, while the picture is blurry. And the upper girl’s right eyebrow seems misplaced.

  • There is something wrong with the eyes, maybe they are too big, I can’t exactly point what’s the problem but there is work to do here.

I don’t really like the blurry aspect of your works. your paintings are really good, but those blurry edges are wasting them (well, IMO) . You should try to paint only with hard shaped brushes, because now it has a “retouched a photo with a blur tool”-effect that seems unnecessary.

Wow…THAT is art. :wink:

All jokes aside, this is truly a great peice. Nearly flawless technical exectution. :smiley:

thanx for comments,

@ -efbie- thanx,yeah you are exactly right,that’s what bugs i was talking about :slight_smile:

blury,hmm yeh i know what you mean,and you are right here too,but i cant do anything about it(not technicaly speaking),i just love making my works this way,cuz my brain vision is the same …blury…like in a suspendet dream time :-?,some ppl like it this way,some others dont,and they are both right…but this is just me… this dont means i dont accept crits,i just need crit,to bring me down to reality again…