The female model is made by Bananaboy, link.

wow this is amazing, love the creepy mood it has!!

Thanks alot banterguy. I’d like to flesh it out a little more and add more details, but i ran out of time.

Dude, its AWESOME

Wow that´s awesome! Really nice, creepy atmospehre! Is it a MakeHuman model?

Thanks everyone. The link for the model is under the photo.

Soo creepy!
I love the atmosphre, all that happen in such a grey colored scene ^^

Nice Image!

You don´t need to flesh out more details. That would just distract the eye. Love the way it looks now!

Yeah, about the details, i didn’t mean inside the room, mostly outside of the window, which is just a solid colour

Holy heck! That gave me some goosebumps haha. Awesome work George e. I would love to see how it would look in a darker and not so lit background. Like in an alley under a dim street light haha. Again awesome work! really has that creepy feeling to it