possibilities for online gaming (two player)

i was interested in making a board game with blender for two players to play while online. but i’m not sure what somthing like this would require.
places like “yahoo games” have areas set up were people from all over the world can get together to play games like black jack, chess, ect. and i know that online rpg games are very popular, with the same concept of players playing against each other from all over the world.
so my question is what does this require and is blender’s game making ablites enough for somthing like this. meaning if i made a game with blender how do i get it online so two players or more can play from all over the world.
when playing games on yahoo, it always says please wait while applets load, what are these applets are these the key to getting games online, and are they hard to make, can blender make them.
this would be very exciting and i already have one really good game in mind!
Thanks in advance for help!

To make Blender Games to play with other people over the net, you need to Learn Socket, In Python. if you take a search on the forum, you will find some post about it.

NOTUCE:It is not easy to make online games.
Sorry i cant explain more right now, Got to go.

NOR.J - thanks, i guess i’m not as original as i thought i was, there seems to be tons of people with the same idea, but it looks like no one has cracked it yet? just a lot of long threads that all come to the same conclusion as you, it is hard and complicated. that sucks that there is not a easy way to do it, and i have no clue how to read those python things, man i’m way out of my league here.
i will try to read up on it as much as i can, but i think i’m just going to have to watch this forum closely and hope someone could crack this idea, i’ll be watching, thanks

I think many people are trying to make it. I am trying. Getting pretty good to. i think i will make a multiplayer game one day.
I alredy tryed, and i got 2 player to work :slight_smile:
But more then 2 player is hard to make.

could you post a tutorial on exactly how you got it to work, i would be very interested in knowing!

i am making a Program that will make it easy to make multiplayer games in blender, when that is finnished, i can help you out. Just PM me when i relese it.

i changed my post above because at this time i dont know how much time i can put into it, but i sounds like i should wait for what your working on anyway. so thats cool.
how long do you think it will be before you get this thing out, and i would appreciate any help, i think i have an idea for a game that will be very sweet if it can be made! :stuck_out_tongue:

i have alredy worked alot on it, I dont know when it will be finnished.

hey sounds great
if you have the time when its finished and if it wont be too much trouble, please pm me and let me know when its done (i dont usally make it to this side of the forum, and i dont want to miss this)
in the mean time i will try and plan the game out and figure out what i will need help with and can start on some early character and game layouts, this should be fun. :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks in advance. :smiley:

ok, il Send you a pm when it is finnished Wu :slight_smile: