Possibilities of 3d in comics.

Hello all,
this is my first post here; however I am a long time blender user and supporter. I also run a small web comic: http://www.nautilus.studiopixi.com/. The comic is currently created in 2d dimensions however I have been toying with ways to bring 3d into the fold. The benefits of creating comics seem to be pretty substantial: by taking some of the load of the artist in regards to rendering (in the drawing since) it seems that more time could be taken with creating believable and interesting world, characters and a more nuanced story. When figuring out shots it seems so much more natural to be able to use the camera to tweak the images for maximum effect.
Though, on the other hand, it has been tried before; most of the examples that I’m aware of however seem to be put together as a crutch for people that are not skilled draftsmen or artist. The work put together by these people (usually with poser) is lacking in finish and quality.
Anyway, here is the one character that I’ve been playing around with. I’m working on getting the figure clothed and rigged but, I’m having troubles finding a good tutorial for clothing with soft bodies. Any commentary on 3d comics, good examples (ahem, although not in full 3d “The Red Star” uses cg to amazing effect) , thoughts or other would be appreciated.