Here’s a piece that took 9 hours in cycles and is the biggest (11 megs) picture I’ve ever made in Blender for some reason. It’s my first real go at doing an advanced scene in Cycles and Blender for that matter. I’m more for the abstract single items than an actual entire scene. I know the carpet is a repeating texture. I was hoping the effect gave it a worn down, used look as carpet that has been unravelled. This is new territory for me. What do you think?


together with the title, it works for me… the window has no depth, that is destroying the illusion somewhat… i would like the image lighter better. i like the composition and the meaning. and the texturing of floor is fine for me. overall, interesting work.

I’ve given it depth of field and am giving it a dusty look in the air. Thinking of adding some light rays coming into the window.

If your going for photorealism, here is what I would at least consider. The bevels on the cabinet doors look way to big to my eyes, maybe try 1/2 that size and see how it looks to you, at least on the lower doors between the vases. I would definitely change out the floor molding and model something that actually looks like floor molding.

I think the composition is nice, and your thoughts on light rays from the window and some dust will add to it as well… It definitely has some nice possibilities.

I agree with your thoughts about adding rays of light / Dof / Dust particles - That was my first thought after looking at it. The window (as has been mentioned) does let the image down a little.

Also, the lower corners of the unit seem…strange. I can’t see why. It’s as it there is a border around the room that stops at the units, or they overhang?

It’s probably my eyes…it’s been a LOOOONNNGGGG day…

Added depth of field, turned down definition on floor, added depth to window (still not showing up), added a bench to show size. Tried volumetric lighting with dust particles. Couldn’t get it right so just decided to stick with this.

Overall this looks quite nice and i hope you post your updated picture even if it didn’t turn out quite as well as you wanted, its valuable critique material :yes:

About your vases, you have a very sharp lip. I’m thinking this is glass(?), but its lack of refraction makes me think a glossy ceramic. Either way generally an object wont have such a sharp edge for structural and safety reasons and so it should probably have some bevel, especially if its ceramic.

If it is a ceramic a good specular map could add some nice character for the usually uneven surface (Perhaps even some diffuse variation?)

Also your carpet doesn’t look much like carpet, more of a cracked dry earth or small glass tiles. This I believe is due to the large scale of the weave. Re-sampling the image to a small size or getting a new photo of a larger area would make it more convincing. However it is interesting, I think it would look really cool if it was a glass tile. Then you could get some reflection and perhaps even a bit of caustic effect around the bottom of wall and cabinet.

Happy Blendering :wink: