Possibility for Internal/Brush procedural textures to be useable in Cycles/Eevee?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone on the Blender team had put down a future todo on adding the ability to use the old procedural texture system (that is currently used for only brushes I believe) in Cycles or Eevee as a “brush texture” or “Internal texture” node?
I’ve been wanting to (attempt to) convert some of my Internal scenes/characters to Cycles or Eevee, but I can’t do it accurately without some of the procedural textures from Internal (Mainly the clouds texture, however Voroni is also one I can’t recreate completely accurately, even with the new settings have added to the Cycleevee version.)

In theory, you just need to bake them in 2.79b. Then, as simple Image texture, it would be possible to re-use them in 2.8.

In Cycles or EEVEE, equivalent to basis of BI Clouds texture is Noise texture.
There is also a Voronoi node. In theory, you should be able to obtain same result by adding math nodes to your shader.

Cycles nodes are a lot simpler than BI textures and as nodes they could be combine to create complex results.
Maybe a developer would make an addon to convert old BI textures to Cycles nodegroups.
But probability that BI textures will be reintroduced as complicated as in BI for Cycles is near zero.

There was a request and a proposal to add more procedural textures to Cycles but what is expected is addition of new patterns.

Yes, I know how cycles nodes work, and yes, I understand that issues like these can just be hand-waved away with answers such as “Just bake them down”, however that introduces a plethora of issues such as not being able to tweak values in the future without having to open the old file and rebake (to which the models may have changed by that point anyway so any UV mapping done will be useless or inaccurate), or having to bake down every single procedural texture for every material, character, prop, and environment being completely infeasible to begin with.

If you have any resources on how to recreate the features of Internal/brush textures with nodes (such as changing between soft or hard type and the noise basis settings for the clouds texture), that would be greatly appreciated. A link to… Wherever features are suggested would be appreciated as well.