Possibility to Build a Render Cluster Rendering Online In Peoples Browsers.


write native code, and have it run on all platforms that have a browser. Even if it’s possible or not, to utilize gpu cores, you could still harness, many many many render machines by just posting a link on facebook to friends collegues etc.

and have their machines help you render future blender projects.

even having blogs, tweets etc to gather people to hlep you render could gather up a huge amount of render machines.

and best thing would be OFF SITE managing render machines by just posting a URL to a render machine.

and it runs the renderer in browser which networks renders the image.

Yes. Should be possible. There are a few technologies out there now. WebGL is allowing access to the hardware through the browser. But maybe it would be better to use the browser to connect through to Blender which already has network code for network rendering.