possible 2.40 bug?

Whenever I’m in camera mode, in the 2.40 release, I can’t move the camera if I constrain it to an axis.

Example being I go to camera view with the camera selected, and move it on the x-axis. It goes nowhere. If I move the mouse in one direction, it says -0.0000, and if I move in the other direction, it says 0.0000.

Am I just plain stupid? Is this a known bug/glitch? Is it on purpose? Or am I actually really cool?

Thank you, StrikerMuncher.

It might be a bug, or it might be a featureto keep you from messing up the constraints, which may have a bug in them that’s triggered by moving the camera in camera view.
LOL if any of that made sense, then congratulations… %|

it is a bug, will add it to the bug tracker…


If I understand you correctly it seems to work okay in 2.4a2 Mac.

I select camera, press G-X and move the mouse. Camera moves constrained to X.

He said in camera view,

if you do it from a regular view then it works fine.

I’m using a more recent build that alpha2 and confirmed the bug before the report.